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Halloween Decor for the Retro Kitchen

Creey ClothNow isn’t everybody thinking about their Halloween decorations? If you’re not, then it’s time to. Just because you have a theme like a Retro Kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some great Halloween decorating. In fact, it’s pretty easy when you think about adding in a few well-chosen accents.

Favorite Halloween Decor

In reality, I do go much further with my holiday decorating than most people. You don’t really need to go all out, unless you want to, of course. But a few simple items added to your decor can turn your kitchen into a Halloween Retro Kitchen.

Right off the bat is Creepy Cloth. It’s truly one of my favorite Halloween decorating items. Actually, I use it all over the house, but the kitchen is an especially fun place. This stuff is simply a very open weave fabric. That makes it stretchable. And stretchable is what you want.

Hang it on the edge of your kitchen cabinets, in a corner behind your eating table, even stretched between wall decor. Because creepy cloth is so easily stretched, you can create an opening to show your retro wall clock through, then pull the cloth over to a hang behind a picture.

Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

When it comes to holiday decor, one of the simplest things to do is to replace a current picture on your wall withHalloween in a Retro Kitchen a creepy, spooky or even fun one, just for Halloween. I will admit that zombies are a favorite theme for me. The world of zombies are very retro. Think of all the movies from the mid-century time that featured the walking undead. So I add a zombie poster or picture to my retro kitchen decor.

You don’t need to keep with the eerie and creepy, though. The items that are associated with the Fall season work great as well. A smiling pumpkin, a scarecrow, a bundle of straw all work to help create a Halloween theme in your retro kitchen.

Remember, it can be just those simple things that will make a great difference in the decor. Holidays like Halloween are not different, so get a little creative and enjoy a new effect in your retro kitchen.


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