Kitchen Accents with a Theme

Kitchen themes made easy with accents and accessories

Wall Clocks to Get the Retro Kitchen Look

Every kitchen can use a wall clock, so why not make it fit your retro kitchen theme? That’s my view anyway. I love the look of retro. That stuff that reminds us of the 1950s or 60s. The kind of kitchen that our mothers or grandmothers had.

That mid-century time was all about ease and convenience in the kitchen. A more colorful world came into the lives of housewives. Brighter, bolder looks were popular. And that same idea is carried forward in today’s replicas of retro wall clocks.

Retro Kitchen Wall Clock Designs

Colorful fruit is a popular theme for retro clocks, but so is the throw back to the diner world of the mid-century. One of my favorite looks is “Mom’s Diner.”

Star bursts and sun rays were also very popular in the 1950s, so that is carried forward in the retro wall clocks we see today. Then toss in the dots world of the 1960s and you have plenty of ways to go retro with your theme.

Creating a theme in your kitchen is all about the accessories

that you choose. And wall clocks make a fun and easy accessory to add.

Retro Kitchen Color Schemes

The colors of the retro kitchen can be just about anything. When the new “modern” kitchen designs came out in the mid-century, the space age look was a favorite. That included lots of chrome. Which meant any color, or color scheme went with it. From black to pink!

Pink and teal were popular colors, but so were yellows, oranges, anything red. It’s easy to match your own retro kitchen color scheme with a wall clock.

Some of the clocks are reminders of the old school or institutional look. These tend to come in so many different solid colors. You can pick those that work great with your own kitchen color scheme. But, don’t be afraid to break out of the mold and go with a contrasting color for accent.


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