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An Easy Halloween Decorating Idea for a Fat Chef Kitchen

With Halloween just about upon us, even in our Fat Chef designed kitchen we want to add some Halloween decorations. At the Fat Chef Kitchen, we have found an easy way to decorate.

Besides being easy, it’s also useful! Wow, two in one. That’s the kind of decorating we like. This is easy because you use Halloween Cookbooks to help decorate. The covers are usually just the right look for Halloween and the recipes are great fun to use.

Well, I have to be honest here. I have little costumes for my Fat Chef cookie jars and dress them as vampires, ghosts and witches. But, that may be going over the top for most people. So, instead enjoy the double benefits of having a few Halloween cookbooks set up around your kitchen. Then when you are in need of a great recipe to make Frankenstein frankfurters or ghoulish goulash, you have it handy.

You can even find recipes for those great treats to take to your kids classrooms for Halloween. Seems every mother of a school aged child ends up doing that.

So let your Halloween decoration do double duty and get some Halloween Cookbooks to decorate with and use for fun food.


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