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Celebrate National Apple Week in Your Apple Kitchen

What a perfect opportunity to celebrate of love of apple stuff. National Apple Week is the second week of August every year. So it’s upon us and time to have some fun in our apple themed kitchens.

Here are some of the fun ways I’m planning to celebrate:

  • Adding some new apple wall decals, and rearrange some the ones that I have already.
  • Bake an apple pic for the family. Now that is a fun way to celebrate the holiday week and celebrate my apple kitchen.
  • Switch around some of my apple accent pieces to give my kitchen a new look.
  • Add some new apple wall art to make a great new effect.
  • Put out my new apple aprons.

A friend of mine is planning an apple party. The invitations came out with a request to wear something apple as well. Even just the colors of red or green will work, but I’m planning to wear one of my apple aprons to the party, just for the fun of it. She is serving up all things apple. I don’t know the menu yet, but she’s a fun and interesting cook, so the food should be great.

You can probably come up with plenty more ways for you to celebrate your apple kitchen during National Apple Week. What ideas do you have?

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