Kitchen Accents with a Theme

Kitchen themes made easy with accents and accessories

Decorating a Fat Chef Kitchen Theme with Wall Decals

Easy, inexpensive and fun. That’s my idea of decorating. With a Fat Chef kitchen theme, wall decals make an ideal way to add fun to your decorating.

These wall decals are perfect to add the effect of some little wall paper type themes with no fuss and no mess. Just place where you want them. If you don’t like that effect, peel them off and restick them somewhere else. Literally! That’s the very easy part. There is no glue or residue left behind.

I like to start with a focal point on one part of my wall, like a Fat Chef Wall Clock, then add on either side of it several wall decal pieces. This just carries the theme without having to invest a lot in the look. Then when I want to change the effect, I just peel them off and move them someplace else.

Fat Chef wall decals stick to any smooth surface, so they can go on walls, the sides of your cabinets, even the front of appliances. You can have loads of fun decorating and re-decorating your Fat Chef Kitchen. But, watch out. This can get addicting.


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