Kitchen Accents with a Theme

Kitchen themes made easy with accents and accessories

A Retro Kitchen and Funny Wall Signs

When decorating for a retro look in your kitchen, a great addition can be funny or humorous wall signs. The effect of a happy 1950’s housewife saying something funny is very reminiscent of that mid-century world.

You can have the fun of watching your guests laugh as they read the wall sign. Many diners of the time hung funny wall signs as part of their decor. Besides looking great, they also gave the customers something to do while waiting for the food. The humor helped their mood, too.

Try grouping several wall signs in a unique shape or style on your wall. Add a few additional retro accents around your grouping and you have a nice vignette to display.

Whether you have a large kitchen with plenty of wall space, or a small kitchen, you can add a funny retro wall sign someplace. Try the side of your cabinets, or on the back of your island. Funny retro wall signs add spark to your retro kitchen decorating.

Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a chuckle now and then? You can have that chuckle every day with a funny sign.

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