Kitchen Accents with a Theme

Kitchen themes made easy with accents and accessories

Wall Clocks for Your Apple Kitchen Decor

Starting with an apple-motif wall clock is the easiest way to create a charming vignette for your Apple-themed kitchen. After all, who doesn’t need to look at the clock many times a day? In our busy world, we work on schedules. Schedules for the kids, schedules for the spouse, even schedules for the pets. Clocks are a must-have. So make use of that must-have for our decorating in the kitchen.

When you work with a themed vignette, you take several items and group them together. Think of a place where you would like to hang your wall clock. Then imagine a small shelf just above the clock that will hold an apple accent piece and a bright red mug. There you have a vignette to work with your apple-kitchen decor.

Wall clocks don’t have to be limited to a large wall. If you have wall space above your sink or a kitchen cabinet, that can be the perfect place to hang your clock. Then surround the clock with items that can add to your apple color scheme, like a red wall-hanging and a small set of apple wall decals. Another vignette all set up for you.

I have seen it done, and very charmingly, too, a group of several wall clocks. One is boldly displaying apples, one is a solid red while another is a solid green. The effect was both fun, with all those clocks, and boldly apple decor. Thinking in terms of creating the look that you love is what decorating an apple-themed kitchen is all about.


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