Kitchen Accents with a Theme

Kitchen themes made easy with accents and accessories

Picking a Retro Kitchen Color Scheme

Starting with an All-White kitchen, you can add any color accent.

When it’s time to redecorate your kitchen and you want to enjoy the retro look from the 1950’s, picking your color scheme is an important first step. The world of the 1950’s was one of huge change when it came to homes, both new and redecorated.

The world wars were behind us, people were prosperous, women wanted more in their homes. Designers and manufacturers took up the challenge and created a whole new look to the homes of that time. Sleek, clean lines were popular. Women wanted easy-care homes. Tables and furniture were made to just wipe down and done!

And the color schemes brought bright, bold and interesting effects. The kitchen was still the domain of the women, and they enjoyed the colorful effect. Bright and bold included reds and oranges, along with bright blues. But the interesting effects included pastels like pink, baby blues and yellows. Pure white with black accents were also popular.

Imagine your own kitchen with a main color as your basis, then the addition of bright accents to create a retro look. Of course, white can include any color for the accent, but think about a yellow base color with bright red, orange or aqua blue as the accent color. Think of a base color of pastel pink with bold red, aqua blue or black as your accent.

Creating a retro look can be easy when you work with a colorful and fun color scheme.


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