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Apple Themed Kitchen Vignettes

Better Homes and Garden Kitchen Vignettes

Ever heard of vignettes? Most of us don’t even know what they are, unless we are professional decorators, that is. A vignette is a simple and easy way to make use of otherwise-unused space in our apple kitchens to create small decorating areas. Think about picking 3-4 items that will go together.

They can be set up in a corner of our counter tops. A vignette of apple items can go on a small table in the corner of our dining area. Even try a vignette on a wall.  Picture a small poster or plate with an apple design on it, then surround it with a few smaller apple designed items. A mug, a salt and pepper shaker, maybe a wax or wood apple and you have an apple-themed vignette.

If you have a section of floor space visible from your kitchen, like a hallway, consider adding a bench, painted with your apple kitchen color scheme then topped with a vignette. You have carried your kitchen theme out and beyond the kitchen, but still visible to keep the theme together.

Vignettes work wonderfully to make use of your apple decorating. Find out lots more about vignettes, plus more ideas to show your apple-themed decor at Apple Kitchen Stuff.

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