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Make Use of Vintage Styles for an Apple Kitchen

With the use of apple decor in your kitchen, vintage is a fun style to work with. Vintage isn’t only antique, it can be a wonderful mix of any by-gone era. You can certainly stick with just one era and keep all your apple-themed decorations to work with that era. Think about a Retro Kitchen. You can work entirely with the mid-century decor, adding in apple accents.

Or you can go fully eclectic in your style and just mix it up. The old phrase, what’s old is new, can work wonderfully in your apple kitchen.

Look at the effect of this kitchen from Better Homes and Garden. The use of multiple shades of yellow blend well, but added in are vintage accents. Think about adding an apple wall clock collection across the top of one wall, then pick vintage style apple plates to go over the window. Make use of small posters or wall signs to add a sprig of interest with your vintage look.

Don’t be afraid to use a color scheme that works for you. If you want to go with shades of green in your apple kitchen, you can have a wonderful look. Red is a traditional color that most people think of with apples, but there can be many shades of red, even pink to bring your vintage apple kitchen to life.


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